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Stevie B interviews Donna Rachelson

Stevie B interviews Donna Rachelson on Kaya Bizz, Kaya FM on 13 August 2015.

Stevie asks, “Are you saying that the business world is still a man’s world and is this really the case?”

Donna explains that it most definitely is, saying that the statistics support it. As an analogy, Donna says what a man earns in eight months, his female equivalent would have to work a full year to earn.

When Stevie asks Donna why this is happening, Donna explains that the world of work and the rules by which work is conducted were created by men. It’s not that women must become like men, Donna is quick to point out. What women bring to the workplace is very compelling and very needed, and will be important to the workplaces of the future. But, she says, if women can understand the rules by which men do business and combine this with what we bring as women to the workplace, we create a force to be reckoned with.

Donna describes how men and women develop their attitudes towards business on the playground in their childhood. Men’s approach to business as a game stems from their experiences as boys, when sports and winning or losing was the focus of their time. Young girls’ focus on stories and relationships in their games can lead to us taking the events that happen in the business world too personally, to our detriment.

Explaining the focus of the book, Donna points out that the book focuses on some key lessons for women in business. These lessons are based on three things: international research into what it takes to get women ahead in the workplace, interviews with amazing South African businesswomen who have done incredible things in their careers, as well as Donna’s own personal experiences and observations in her long career in very male-dominated circles.

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Play to Win: What women can learn from men in business, click here.