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Donna talks on various subjects and is able to personalise a bespoke talk for your specific needs and audiences.

Personal and Team Branding

Build a competitive advantage from your most valuable asset – your people

Your most powerful brand is your people. Every time a client looks at, listens to, or interacts with your employees, it impacts the way they perceive your company. There is no doubt that before a prospect or customer buys your products or services or your company, they buy your people first. If your people know how to brand and market themselves, they are essentially helping to brand and market your organization.

The Branding & Marketing YOU keynote focuses on:

  • Characteristics of great brands
  • Why personal branding is important to personal and business success
  • How to stop being invisible and become visible and relevant
  • How to build trust and credibility
  • How to develop and market one’s personal brand
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“Working with Donna has been great. She is extremely professional and her talk is very impactful on very different audiences (from Women in IT to Chief Information Officers). All of them walk away with lots to consider around making their mark in business with the right brand that carries what they stand for and how they want to be remembered by.” – Ulrike Weitz, Enterprise Marketing Manager, Microsoft

“Thank you for an excellent presentation and bringing home an important message about personal branding. You have created awareness and enthusiasm in our people for something that will benefit them personally – but also our company. A real win-win! Your energy, expertise and enthusiasm is contagious!” – Elise de Beer, Deloitte Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Master the art of networking to build a powerful personal brand.

The quality of people in one’s network is extremely valuable. Their reputation, profile, experience, knowledge and reach can play a critical role in building and enhancing one’s personal brand.

This is why it is vital to invest time and energy in networking – in building connections and relationships both within one’s organisation and externally.

In this power-hour session, participants will be equipped with practical skills to enhance their professional network and build visibility & credibility:

  • Why it is important to network
  • Determining who you need to network with and why
  • Understanding how to use your personal brand to build your networks
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“Brilliant! Forces you to reflect on who you are and how you package and portray yourself” – Cheryl Jane Kulenga, Ernst Young South Africa, Tax division

Challenging times demand top-form personal brands – people who have mental and physical stamina, remain focused and are able to sustain peak levels of performance.

This powerful presentation is designed to help participants become more productive and effective under pressure by managing their energy more wisely.

This keynote explores:

  • Work as a sprint, not a marathon
  • The importance of managing energy, not time
  • Increasing productivity through what you eat and how you move
  • Understanding rituals as the first step in creating habits – which lead to powerful, positive and sustainable changes in your professional and personal lives
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Women Empowerment

It’s time to master the advantage of being able to wear both the skirt and the pants.

Over her 25 year career, Donna Rachelson has worked with a number of senior women executives and has gained insight into how they have built their careers. She also closely tracked the behaviour of men to uncover the Mars and Venus approach to business. In this inspiring one hour talk, she will share the secrets and insights on how to ‘play business like a game’, ‘take it like a man’ and ‘make your moves’.

In this talk, participants will learn how to:

  • Play business like a game
  • Get noticed
  • Ditch the small, incremental moves
  • Focus on the results
  • Work one’s network and state one’s views
  • Fake it until you are it!
  • Don’t take it personally
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“Donna’s talk offers practical advice and has an enlightening perspective on the corporate space. If women want to change how we’re perceived, we need to change how we think which will change our approach. I really enjoyed how it shows women how to showcase their personalities and strengths within the context of the current corporate space. I loved hearing the perspective of other successful women and how they’ve navigated the corporate world.” – Carise Anderson, McKinsey & Company

“Play to Win provides insightful lessons on how women can best combine their own instincts, skills and work ethics, with those that are displayed by men in the workplace, to their advantage, for the benefit of the business. The “lessons” look at tactical ways to enhance a women’s ability to perform competitively in business, provides an understanding of certain characteristics that men display which creates possible myths that ‘men are more powerful’ and reminds women to use and be aware of their natural strengths, and highlighting other skills that they can learn to adopt to get ahead. Play to Win sums up that it is always about being true to yourself, being honest, factual, and not trying to be someone else; ultimately focusing on the end result that is mutually beneficial to yourself and the business at hand.” – Lesley Norton, Standard Bank

To fast-track their careers, women need to understand their core strengths, their competitive advantage and how they can stand out.

What’s holding women back is that they don’t brand themselves as well as men do – they’re too modest, downplay their accomplishments, don’t think about their careers strategically and don’t network and build their personal marketing plans to get to where they need to be.

They need to start thinking differently – they need to build on their personal strengths and leverage their instincts as a woman.

This keynote covers: 

  • The importance of a personal brand
  • Personal branding for business success
  • Marketing one’s personal brand
  • Building one’s game plan
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The time is now to stop and reflect on what one has achieved and even more importantly, to determine the critical steps they need to take to attract that next hard-earned career move.

‘Dr. D’ and Donna Rachelson will explore what it means to be a woman in the South African workplace and show participants how to become their best self through practical advice and proven best practice. They are both passionate about female empowerment and come together for this conversation because they believe that the time is now for us all to step forward and press for progress.

Through the thought-provoking conversations, participants will:

  • Shift their mind set by embracing their inner strength
    responding effectively to a world of overwhelming responsibility and pressure
  • Understand what busy women need to practically do to successfully navigate the men’s world they find themselves in.

Experience an ‘extraordinaryjourney towards personal and professional fulfillment.

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While the world of work has made some strides in the context of advancing women, unfortunately the stats still demonstrate that year after year the majority of senior executives are men.

We can’t pretend anymore that the playing field is level or for that matter that the playing field can be made even. There are significant differences between men and women and how they behave in the workplace.

Building on Donna’s best seller “Play to Win: What Women can learn from Men in Business”, an approach to help women look at themselves differently in the world of work, Donna’s latest keynote addresses what men need to be thinking about in the context of women and work so organisations can retain and benefit from talented women.

Tired of playing politics, working hard and receiving too little return for your efforts?

In this thought provoking keynote , Donna will highlight some key facts that men need to understand about women and practical ideas of how to implement change:

  • Why the world of work needs women
  • How women constantly work to ‘fit’ in and prove themselves
  • Why women take things personally and why they cry
  • Why women don’t feel comfortable to promote themselves and how this translates
  • How women often don’t value themselves and why they constantly strive to be respected
  • Why women feel guilty at work and at home and what holds women back from propelling their careers
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Marketing Success for SMEs

One of the biggest challenges business owners face is how to market their businesses effectively.

Most understand that marketing is important, but few understand what activities to focus on that will have maximum impact for their business. In most cases, they waste money on ad hoc activities that are not strategically driven; are ‘one’ offs and are not measured in terms of effectiveness and having a tangible ROI.

While huge misperceptions exist of what marketing is, there is huge benefit of garnering real benefit for one’s business through an effective marketing system.

In this enlightening presentation, participants will be exposed to the key steps to make marketing impactful in their business.

  • What is marketing
  • Marketing vs sales
  • Strategy before tactics
  • High impact tactics
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“I highly recommend Donna Rachelson’s ‘7 steps to business marketing success’ to any up and coming business owner. I can sum it up very simply as this: All experts at the forefront of their art have their own collection of in-house coined terms. In Donna Rachelson’s keynote it is simply one phrase, ‘the aha moment’. And there were many of them. She stripped away all misconceptions I had of marketing and in great clarity laid it bare for me.” – Juan van Wyk, Lamps on Line

“Having recently attended Donna Rachelson’s ‘7 steps to business marketing success’ talk, I walked away very impressed. It was well presented, exceptionally interesting and above all else expressed in a way that kept everyone riveted throughout the talk. Donna involved her audience and incorporated aspects of daily life scenarios to illuminate certain points, which had delegates in fits of laughter.” – Malcolm Sacks, New Business Development, OPEX RENTAL (Pty) Ltd

“Recently I had the privilege of attending a talk by Donna Rachelson of Branding & Marketing YOU titled “7 steps to small business marketing success”.

Donna opened the presentation and within seconds, the audience was fixated on her every word. The way she presented the subject was riveting. She has a way of holding your attention from beginning to end. The content of the presentation was clear and understandable and made us want to learn more.

I immediately realised the benefit of implementing what she was presenting in our organisation. We have already started to implement aspects of the lessons learned in our business and the results are starting to show.” – Doron Mansur, Powerhouse Dictation

In the fast paced world of work, personal branding has never been more important.

Marketing for entrepreneurs is difficult – they don’t have huge marketing budgets and they need to build their personal brand to increase their business exposure and enhance their credibility.

Having a strong personal brand and reputation is key for entrepreneurial success – the entrepreneur becomes a ‘go to’ brand, remains top of mind, trusted in their industry and relevant to their target market.

In this talk, participants will explore: 

  • What is a personal brand
  • The benefits of building a personal brand
  • Why one’s personal brand matters
  • The key questions one needs to think about when positioning a personal brand and leveraging and marketing a personal brand for the benefit of the business
  • Is their personal brand relevant to their business mission
  • Packaging their personal brand for business success
  • Leveraging & marketing their personal brand for the benefit of the business
  • Tactics that work
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Donna is frequently called upon to MC events and facilitate panel discussions

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