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Signs you’re missing opportunities

You’ve got ambition but if you don’t have visibility in the workplace, it’s not likely to get you far. If you’re experiencing these four signs, it’s time to start marketing yourself more effectively.

You may think the good work you do will get you the success you desire, but if you’re experiencing any of the following signs, it could be time to rethink your position and spend time learning how to market yourself and your skills to achieve your career goals.

1. You are bored, but are not being given the chance to stretch yourself. 

The projects you’re working on are the same old types of work and you feel like you’re not getting to learn anything new. Perhaps you haven’t marketed your other skills? Maybe you’re a brilliant facilitator with a passion for training, but you’re stuck behind your desk doing paperwork because everyone knows that you’re good at putting together reports.

Start marketing your strengths in the areas where you want to operate. Volunteer to put together the presentation for the next board meeting or introduce your team to a facilitation technique you’ve been reading about. Think of ways to become more visible and to demonstrate the value you can add in new projects.

2. You’ve been passed over for a promotion more than once.

You know you have the skills to do the job, as well as the enthusiasm, but you keep getting passed over. The problem may be that you’re not standing out from your competitors. You need to find a way to differentiate yourself and demonstrate the unique skills and value you could bring to the position you desire.

Consider how you’re “packaging” your strengths and examine your personal brand from your employer’s point of view. Think about how you want to be perceived versus how you’re actually being perceived and find ways to bridge the gaps.

3. You’re not visible to the people who count. 

You’re the best at what you do in your field of expertise, but the senior executives don’t seem to know that. Or maybe you’re frustrated when your company hires external consultants to do work that you would do brilliantly. Perhaps you sit in meetings and listen to other people talk about things that they know less about than you do. Many technically skilled people assume that their good work will get them the recognition they deserve, but even if you do the best work in your organisation, if nobody knows about it, you’ll remain invisible.

Come up with ways to market your strengths to key people, whether it’s writing a white paper or offering to lead a training session workshop for colleagues in your field of expertise.

4. You’re not being targeted for new opportunities. 

At one point, you had fairly regular calls from people looking to recruit you for your skills, experience and credibility. Perhaps you investigated the opportunities they offered and perhaps you didn’t. Either way, being head hunted regularly, or even being asked to join new projects or programmes in our own organisation, is a good sign that you have a sought-after personal brand and that your personal marketing activities are effective. It’s a nice reminder that people value you.

If you haven’t inspired any interest from others lately, maybe it’s time that you invest some energy into marketing yourself, whether it’s through speaking at industry events, starting a blog or joining a networking forum.

Spend some time rethinking your personal marketing plan. Identify ways to market your unique skills to your target market and then go out and do it. If you’re not sure where to start, or you feel like you need help, call in a professional coach. Make sure that you boost your personal visibility and cement your credibility, by ensuring that people know you for what you do best, and you’ll be sure to avoid these warning signs.