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How to excel in a man’s world

How to excel in a man’s world: BIC faced a public backlash as a result of its ‘Act like a lady. Think like a man’ Women’s Month message. The author of a new book says we DO need to learn from men to get ahead in business.

South African women lag behind men in terms of pay and positions of power in business. Why? What is it that they are doing right and we are doing wrong?

In her book, Play to Win: What Women Can Learn from Men in Business, businesswoman and marketing specialist Donna Rachelson attempts to answer that.

She has held a number of marketing director positions in organisations such as Nando’s, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, as well as marketing management positions at Standard Bank South Africa and African Explosives and Chemicals Limited.

Rachelson makes a point we’d rather not hear, which is: it’s a man’s world. Men surely have a lot to learn from women – we’re emotionally intelligent, great at building relationships, compassionate and driven.

But to beat our counterparts we need to know what it is they’re doing to stay ahead of us.

This is not to say that you should act like a man, only that it helps to understand how they think and play the game.

Read the full article How to excel in a man’s world by Omeshnie Naidoo here.

This article originally appeared in Pretoria News on 19 August 2015.