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A successful business woman and investor in a number of businesses, Donna is the founder and owner of Branding & Marketing YOU, which empowers individuals and teams to practically build and market their personal and team brands. Founded in 2007, Branding & Marketing YOU has trained individuals across more than 30 blue-chip corporates.

As Group CEO of Seed Engine, incorporating Seed Academy and the WDB Growth Fund, Donna is able to fulfil her mission of positively impacting entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in S.A. She is also a shareholder in a number of businesses that she believes have strong potential. Read more about some of these key vehicles she works through to achieve impact below.


Branding & Marketing YOU builds your company’s competitive advantage from its most valuable asset – your people. Branding & Marketing YOU empowers corporate professionals and teams to practically implement key principles to build and market their personal brands.

Branding & Marketing YOU offers:

  • Keynotes in personal and team branding
  • Workshops
  • Personal brand coaching

Build | Grow | Scale

Seed Engine is believes in an economically inclusive South Africa and we’re on on a mission to make it happen! Seed Engine is committed to partnering with our entrepreneurs to get access to markets & funding opportunities whilst keeping our clients’ transformation objectives and return on investment at heart

We do this through two entities:

Seed Academy provides high-impact business development support and access to markets to entrepreneurs at all stages, helping them to build successful, sustainable businesses. A division of Seed Engine, Seed Academy’s systematic methodology moves entrepreneurs from build to grow and ultimately to scale. Seed Academy partners with clients to deliver real ROI based on measured outcomes combined with high levels of transparency and accountability.

WDB Growth Fund is a Section 12J Impact Investment Fund, focused on increasing the participation of youth and women entrepreneurs in South Africa’s economy. The Fund addresses the needs of growth-stage businesses while providing investors with Enterprise & Supplier Development points recognition and tax benefits.

Strider builds mobile apps, websites and digital tools for banks, insurers and asset managers to help them empower, educate and improve their customers’ experiences and financial wellbeing.

Strider offers:

  • Online Academies and Training System
  • Digital onboarding for FICA and KYC
  • Robo-Advisors
  • User Experience, Research and System Design
  • Global Fintech Trend Mapping
  • Full Content Creation Services

Ninja is a marketing agency specialising in business-to-business online marketing.

Ninja understands that B2B marketing requires a completely different approach to consumer marketing and follows internationally renowned methods to position your company as an industry leader and build trusting relationships with prospective clients. In doing so, Ninja transforms your sales efforts from a push strategy to a pull strategy, ensuring that your business targets are met and your company continues to grow.

Ninja believes that an integrated approach is required to achieve significant returns on investment, and therefore offer tailored solutions including website development, SEO, social media, email marketing, and more.

Primestars is known as the private tutor for public education in South Africa. ‘Step Up To A Start Up,’ a practical Entrepreneurship Programme, is about igniting entrepreneurship within learners. It focuses on changing their mind-sets and aiding them to become job creators instead of job seekers.