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Donna Rachelson on Classic FM

Donna Rachelson on Classic FM: Donna talked to Michael Avery on his show Classic Business on Classic FM on Friday 14 August 2015.

Michael says, “A book that I’ve just finished reading has in it’s title all the trappings of becoming the next target for social media mother grundies everywhere. It’s called Play to Win: What women can learn from men in business, but I found it’s frank candour and fresh approach to how women can gain gender parity with their male colleagues in the office really rather refreshing.”

In this 10 minute interview, Donna talks about the deliberately provocative title of her new book, the courageous conversations that need to take place if we are to truly empower women, and the international research that is currently being conducted into how women can get ahead in the workplace. What women bring to the workplace is compelling, she says, but women’s deeply personal experience of business can be to our detriment.

Donna makes an appeal to corporates to ‘scrap the stuff that’s meaningless’. The current Women’s Day agendas, she says, are not going to get women to where they want to be. Women need more financial acumen, strategic understanding and commercial backgrounds to get ahead in their careers. But they are seldom offered that kind of support. Corporates need to look at the real stuff that will get women ahead.

Michael describes the book as ‘profoundly concise’. He says the conversations with well-known business women in the country that are littered through the book touch the ‘root nerve’ of women’s experience in business and add interest and authenticity to the material.

Download the full podcast here.

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