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Donna Rachelson in Business Day

Donna Rachelson in Business Day: An excerpt from Donna’s book Play to Win: What women can learn from men in business was featured in Business Day on 2 September 2015.

“I SPENT a lot of birthdays and wedding anniversaries feeling disappointed. My husband always gave me practical presents, like a roasting pan, an ice-cream maker, or a clock that projects the time on the ceiling. They’re lovely gifts, but all I wanted was diamonds, perfumes and a day at the spa.

Of course, I never told him that. I never told him what I wanted. My thinking was: “If he really cares about me, he’ll know what I want. If I have to tell him what I want, I don’t want it.”

Men just don’t work like this. Their approach of seeing business as a game, means that you identify your goal and you achieve it. They name it, and then claim it. And to men, we all know it’s all about size. Men must have the biggest everything — from their office to the size of their car’s engine. They measure everything, and they always keep score.

As an example: when I was working at a supply chain management company, we moved to new offices. One wasn’t as nice as the other three, and my male colleagues relentlessly pursued those three good offices.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t see what the fuss was about — what difference does it make? But to them, it was a status thing, and they weren’t afraid to voice their opinions and plant their flags in the best portion of the available turf.

Women don’t ask for what they want. We sit back and wait to be noticed.”

You can read more of the excerpt at BDLive.

Donna Rachelson in Business Day Article