Donna Rachelson has translated her passion for personal branding, marketing and the development of women into 3 powerful books.

In each book, Donna effortlessly balances theory with first-hand experiences of individuals and teams who have excelled and demonstrated best practices. The resulting conversations are captured in inspiring reads that are grounded in solid research, together with practical actions that can be easily and immediately implemented.

Learn from nine very successful people how to plan, develop, grow and market your personal brand.

Learn from six very successful companies how to recruit, nurture, sustain and benefit from high-performance teams.

This quick, practical read is a must for any woman who wants to make her mark in the business world.

“…it’s one of those books that I wish I had read 30 years ago at the start of my career…”

Learn from nine very successful people how to plan, develop, grow and market your personal brand. Donna interviewed successful South African people who have developed successful personal brands to find out how and why they are successful.

Donna explored their stories, vulnerabilities and successes for her book, Branding & Marketing YOU.

Donna has read widely on the subject of personal branding and marketing and was struck by the fact that most books on the subject seem to be either mostly theoretical or, if there are case studies in the books, they feature only celebrity personalities.

Each person profiled in the book is entrepreneurial and successful as a business professional and has become well-known and respected in their field of operation.

Donna highlights how they use innovative and powerful ways to build and market their personal brands and are passionate and driven to make a difference inside and outside of their field of operation. Rachelson illustrates the importance of personal branding and marketing in today’s business environment and unpacks how brands evolve, identifying the components making up a ‘personal’ brand and highlights how to market it effectively.

The Reviews:

“Fascinating! I read this in almost a single sitting. The stories of the people Donna uses as examples are so compelling that I just wanted to know more and more. Intriguing how between them there are areas of commonality, like passion and authenticity, and yet how each one is quite different. Each piece fits into place, so you end up with something like a personal branding a jigsaw; as you read the last sentence of the last ‘tale’, the jigsaw is completed.”

“It’s a superb way of exploring a complex and often neglected area of business and marketing. In fact, it’s one of those books that I wish I had read 30 years ago at the start of my career. But having said that, I can think of a dozen very senior business leaders at the peak of their careers right now who would benefit immediately from Donna’s insight.” Chris Gibbons, businessman and Talk Radio 702 host

“Everyone has a personal brand whether they acknowledge it or not. What I enjoyed about this very readable book is that it makes one conscious of defining one’s own values and ensuring that your behaviours match those values.”

“We all love reading about the high profile people we know courtesy of the media. This book gives real, interesting, relevant, and useful insights into a fascinating group of people – I loved the way the insights were highlighted throughout the book. The book is positive, confident and allows each featured business person to share what makes them unique, and what drives them, each one quite different.”

“The wonderful insight for me was that they are actually all quite ordinary people – in other words, everyone has the potential for success if you are conscious about how you define Brand You. There is plenty to learn from this little gem.” Yvonne Johnson, former CEO of the International Marketing Council (IMC) in South Africa, business women and winner: Business Icon of the year 2010: Feather Awards

“There is a plethora of mumbo jumbo books written on brands, this is not one of them. It is highly practical – a must read for entrepreneurs. By reading it you will have a much deeper understanding of how to shape brands (people or products) into highly valued commodities.” Aubrey Malden, former Creative Director, the Ogilvy Group, Marketing Company.

“More than anything this book highlights the importance of being comfortable in your own skin and the great virtue of perseverance without which nothing is achieved.” Derek Carstens, First Rand Brand Director

“From reading the testimonials of the various people interviewed, it is clear that Branding and Marketing approaches vary and draw from a diversity of strategies, principles, tools, qualities, virtues and values. The stories therefore provide a valuable reference for those who aspire to grow their brand identity and character.” Wendy Luhabe, Social Entrepreneur and Chancellor University of Johannesburg

“…I believe that Donna Rachelson’s book should be read, not only by marketers, but by everyone who is in business…”

Branding & Marketing YOU through Teams is the 2013 successor to author Donna Rachelson’s best-selling Branding & Marketing YOU – first published in 2011 – which focused on personal brand development.

This book garnered critical acclaim and is based on interviews conducted with teams at Microsoft, Sanlam, the MTN-Qhubeka cycling team, Gift of the Givers, Demographica and the Protea Hotels Group.

The fascinating ‘conversations’ that result, provide fresh and valuable insights into what makes teams effective and how they contribute to brand development. The book is written in a very conversational, accessible style and will be of interest to anyone in business or private life with an interest in marketing, communications, branding or reputation management.

The Reviews:

“There is no greater way, in my opinion, of illustrating the power of marketing and particularly its branding component, than through the use of case histories. And this is what Donna Rachelson does so well. She avoids all the clichés and airy-fairy theory that pervades and obfuscates the marketing industry today and just gets right to where the proof of the marketing pudding lies.”

“What caught my eye in this, her second book, Branding and Marketing YOU through TEAMS, was the chapter on Microsoft Service Management. Unravelling the mystery of what makes someone a team player is a powerful part of this book.”

There are some memorable comments from Microsoft Services Management team members that, in my opinion, should be tattooed on the foreheads of modern business managers. “We have an anti-hero approach to what we do.” By that they mean they don’t like someone in the team who positions themselves as the hero of the piece and who tries to attract the credit and take any glory going around, says Rachelson.

“I believe that Donna Rachelson’s book should be read, not only by marketers, but by everyone who is in business and wants to know how to make teamwork work.” Chris Moerdyk – Marketing Analyst

“There is considerable fascination with the term ‘leadership’ and it can be interpreted as meaning very different things to different people. Branding and marketing YOU through TEAMS explores the concept of leading teams, exposes some of the local talent we should celebrate, and offers telling insights.” Jeremy Sampson – Visiting Professor, University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and Group Executive Chairman, InterbrandSampsonDevilliers

“This is a timely and insightful experience-based book that reinforces the age old truth that people – well understood and celebrated in their individual and collective diversity, aligned with the organisational culture – are the number one key to building and motivating values-centred teams and successful organisations.” Thebe Ikalafeng – Global African advisor, author on branding and reputation leadership and founder of Brand Africa.

“…It’s the kind of book women need to keep close and dip into regularly.…”

Women are occupying more senior positions in the world of work than ever before, but they still have a way to go. In many respects, the workplace is still a ‘man’s world’, run according to ‘men’s rules’.

Donna Rachelson gets to grips with these rules and shows women how to work with them to advance their careers, while still retaining their femininity and bringing all of the strengths women possess to the workplace.

Drawing on Rachelson’s own experience, as well as the experience of some of South Africa’s top businesswomen, this quick, practical read is a must for any woman who wants to make her mark in the business world.

The Reviews

“Your book gave me so much inspiration. I have a mentor but not a sponsor and it is such a valuable suggestion. Your overall insights into how girls and boys are raised is just so brilliant. I have twins, a boy and a girl, and so much of what you have outlined is just so simple and true. I feel inspired and motivated, thank you. I would suggest all business women should read this book.” Joanna Oosthuizen, MD, Ogilvy Public Relations

“In my four decades as a woman in business – both in management and as a consultant – I’ve read tons of books and attended seminars galore but this says it all in a concise and easy read. It’s the kind of book women need to keep close and dip into regularly. No matter how much we think we know, we need constant reminders.It’s like having a mentor as close as your handbag!” Rina Bloomberg, Co-founder,

“What I love about this book is the practicality of the advice offered on what it takes for women to succeed in the world of work. I think we are all versed in the challenges women face in being successful business leaders and in the issues pertaining to the pay, representation and power gap. Much has been written about this but not as much about what to do to overcome the hurdles. Donna has succinctly packaged the success traits of men with the unique value that women bring into a quick, easy to read (and digest) guide to how to play to win in environments that by and large have been created and continue to be dominated by men.”

“I recognized myself as well as my behaviour in one or two places in the book and I believe every woman who reads this will find at least one thing that this relevant for them. More importantly, at least one thing that they can clearly implement to transform them into the powerhouse they were meant to be. Well worth a read!” Lebo Biko, Executive Head: Strategy & Marketing Business Banking, Nedbank

“This might be a small book. But it packs a punch. It simply and clearly highlights what it is that too many women do differently from men in business. And those things are to their detriment. If you want to benefit from the advice of women at the top of their game and what they’re learned about acing the men on the court of business play – this is a great way to start.” Clive Simpkins, Marketing and communications strategist, author and coach.

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